QuickDAV for Linux and SteamOS

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QuickDAV is now Open Source, Get it on GitHub instead

QuickDAV is now open source, and you can go and get the latest version for free at QuickDAV's GitHub Repo.

QuickDAV is a network file transfer app, providing simple and easy uploading, downloading, and management of the files on your computer from any other device.

Whether you need to migrate your files from your old computer to your new computer, get files from your phone onto your computer, or even just give a folder of files to a friend sitting next to you, QuickDAV is the easiest way to transfer files between your computer and any other device.

There’s no configuration needed. Just open the app and you’re ready to go. Since QuickDAV uses the WebDAV protocol, there’s already a client built in to every computer, and there are free clients available for your mobile devices too. You can even use your web browser to transfer files.

There’s no outside server, so your files never leave your own network. QuickDAV is as fast as your WiFi or network cable.

QuickDAV lets you easily select which folders to share. If you’re allowing a friend on your device, you can share only the folders you want with them.

QuickDAV’s configuration puts you in control of your shares. QuickDAV creates a self-signed TLS certificate to encrypt your uploads and downloads, providing industry level security.

QuickDAV’s connection guides will get you connected no matter what device you’re using.

Use in SteamOS

This download includes an executable AppImage file and a set of artwork images for use in the Steam library.

On SteamOS, it is designed to run as a desktop application when run from Desktop Mode and a full screen application with controller support when run from Game Mode.

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